The Pope’s appeal for Libya: ‘Stop violence and protect migrants’ – Politics


The Pope hopes for Libya “a path towards an end to the violence that leads to peace, stability and unity in the country”. “Please,” he repeated several times at the Angelus appealing to the international community. “I also pray for the thousands of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons in Libya. The health situation – the pontiff underlined – has aggravated their already precarious conditions, making them more vulnerable from forms of exploitation and violence. There is cruelty “I invite the international community, please – repeated the Pope – to take their condition to heart, identifying paths and providing means to ensure them the protection they need, a dignified condition and a future of hope”. “Brothers and sisters of this we all have responsibilities, no one can feel dispensed”. And he concluded: “Let us pray for Libya in silence, everyone”.

In this crisis “real closeness is needed, real solidarity chains are needed”. Pope Francis said in the Vatican basilica during Corpus Christi Mass. “The Eucharist extinguishes the hunger for things and ignites the desire to serve.
It raises us from our comfortable sedentary lifestyle, it reminds us that we are not only mouths to feed, but we are also his hands to feed others. It is urgent now to take care of those who are hungry for food and dignity, those who do not work and struggle to move forward.
And do it in a concrete way “,” we do not leave only those close to us. “God heals those who have suffered” burning disappointments “,” heals our wounded memory “,” heals our orphan memory above all “,” we live an era of so much orphanage “, underlined the pontiff.” Many have the memory marked by lack of affection and burning disappointments, received by those who should have given love and instead made the heart orphaned. We would like to go back and change the past, but we cannot. God, however – continued Pope Francis – can heal these wounds by putting a greater love into our memory: his “.


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