The Pope now rewrites prayers. And Maria is “Help of migrants”


“Mary Relief of Migrants”: this is one of the three new invocations chosen by Pope francesco. Cardinal Robert Sarah, who has recently been confirmed as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and for the Discipline of the Sacraments, has signed a letter containing the novelty.

An official decision, therefore, which was registered by the Holy See. All three invocations become part of the Lauretan Litanies by right. The other two are “Mater spei” and “Mater misericordiae”, Mother of hope and Mother of hope. The pontificate of Jorge Mario Bergoglio has certainly been centered on these three themes so far: mercy, hope and openness to welcoming migrants.

From the pastoral point of view, the direction taken by the Argentine pontiff is very clear. Missing “Mary Correndent”, which a part of Catholics would like to adopt as a new dogma. But both this Pope and his predecessor have already expressed themselves on the matter, and in the opposite way. The same cardinal Robert Sarah, within the letter, however, wanted to emphasize that “Countless are the titles and invocations that Christian piety, over the centuries, has reserved for the Virgin Mary, a privileged and secure way to meet Christ”, cdared as reported by Sir.

Mediatically speaking, the invocation that has already aroused and will arouse more comments is that of those seeking refuge on our shores: “Solacium migrantium”. Cardinal Robert Sarah, moreover, is among the men of the Church who, over the years, have taken positions that are not always uncritical towards the so-called “mass immigration“. But the decision, which also assumes some political connotation in the high sense of the term, derives from the will of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

TOEven in the present time, crossed by reasons of uncertainty and bewilderment, the devoted appeal to her, full of affection and trust, is particularly felt by the people of God “: Sarah also puts an emphasis on these particular times, those of the Sars-Cov2 pandemic. The tradition of the Catholic Church is full of circumstances in which we promptly entrusted ourselves to Our Lady. And, especially during the epidemics, Maria has often been called into question, even with the construction of Marian shrines from scratch, for the liberation of humanity from the plagues deriving from diseases. In this sense, the novelty brought by the former archbishop of Buenos Aires is fully part of a long-standing doctrinal practice.

During these months, the Pope has guided the Church within a truly particular world context. From the “prayer against the pandemic” to the walk, always aimed at prayer, that the successor of Peter has chosen to do outside the Leonine walls in full lockdown: Bergoglio, who has continuously addressed significant messages such as that relating to the search for the essential, it has served as an institutional and spiritual guide to all humanity.

The current phase is different but still accompanied by the theme of suffering the sick. Yesterday the Pope also received the “simple heroes” who in Lombardy contrasted the advance of the virus, treating people. All humanity will now also be entrusted to Mary, “rescue of migrants”.

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