The policeman who shot Rayshard Brooks has been charged with murder


Garrett Rolfe, the US police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta on Friday June 12, an African American man arrested while sleeping in a car in a parking lot, was charged with murder. In all, 11 indictments were charged in Rolfe, and if he were found guilty he could in theory be sentenced to the death penalty. The other policeman who was at the crime scene, Devin Brosnan, will only be heard as a witness during the trial.

The district attorney who is investigating the case said Brooks had no threatening behavior at the time of his arrest and that there was no reason to shoot him. In addition, from the images of the security cameras that filmed the scene, it turns out that after shooting Brooks for over two minutes Rolfe did nothing to help him and, in fact, kicked him.

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The killing of Rayshard Brooks
The killing had taken place after a brief struggle between the man and the police and had been partially filmed by the cameras worn by the agents, by the security cameras and by several passersby with smartphones. The videos circulated online in a matter of hours and fueled protests and demonstrations against police racism, which has been going on for weeks in the United States. The city police chief, Erika Shields, later announced his resignation, and Rolfe was fired.

Around 10.30 on Friday evening the police had arrived in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant of the Wendy’s chain after being called because Brooks had fallen asleep in his car on the path used by other customers to reach the restaurant.

Police said Brooks had then been subjected to an alcohol test and had not passed it. At that point, a scuffle had started between Brooks and two agents who intervened: Brooks had managed to free himself from the agents’ grip and to move away. The two agents had chased him for a few meters and then shot him from behind; Brooks had died in the hospital shortly thereafter.

Initially, the police said the officers fired at Brooks during the scuffle because Brooks stole one of them from the taser, the electric discharge gun often used by US police. The videos shot by security cameras and bystanders, however, showed that Brooks had been shot by agents as he walked away from them; the police then corrected his version of the facts, claiming that Brooks had moved away from the agents with the taser that he had stolen from them and that he had pointed it at the agents (the first reconstruction of the facts was based on the videos of the camera worn by one by the agents, fall to the ground during the fight).

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