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Mafia Definitive Edition it will be a well-rounded remake. Hangar Games, in fact, is not only preparing to improve the graphic sector, but is going to retouch different game mechanics to make them more modern and overcome the critical issues that emerged in the original game. There police and the shootingsfor example, they will be very different.

The Mafia Trilogy is divided into parts: the first two are already out (this is the review of Mafia 2 Definitive Edition), while the last one, Mafia Definitive Edition, is scheduled for this summer. Speaking of the remake of the game Haden Blackman, president and chief creative officer of Hangar 13, said several aspects of the game will be retouched.

For example there will be options to adjust the difficulty of the game, but also special settings to decide how and when the difficulty police will intervene and how it will deal with each infringement. In this way it will be possible to decide whether to always have the police on your heels or to live in a sort of no man’s land, where everything is more or less lawful.

Another changed element is the way of shooting: Using the Mafia 3 graphics engine, Hangar 13 thought to “borrow” also in gunplay of this game and adapt it to the first chapter. The game will still be based on a cover system, but the shootings will be decidedly more lethal, thus maintaining the degree of complexity of the original game.

What do you think? Do you like these changes?

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