The photo of the four officers charged with George Floyd’s death after arrest


All four agents involved in the arrest were arrestedmurder of George Floyd, the African American who died in Minneapolis. Thomas Lane and Tou Thao were taken to Hennepin County Penitentiary around 5 PM local time. J. Alexander Kueng had already delivered himself in the afternoon. All three will have to answer for “complicity” and “help”, based on the type of responsibility they had in the death of the man. Dereck Chauvin, the agent who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck, has been in prison since last week on charges of murder. A million-dollar bail has been set for everyone. For Chauvin, the accusation is expected to be reinforced by manslaughter to voluntary homicide. The four policemen had already been fired.

The history of the agents involved

Meanwhile, the Minneapolis police released a 325-page document containing personal information on the lives of the four policemen involved in the death of George Floyd, related not only to the period of activity as agents. Chauvin who, according to the file, also served in the United States Army, in almost 20 years as police officers received 17 reports of misconduct, one of which was presented by a woman in 2007 who accused him of having sent her off the car and searched for exceeding the permitted speed limit by only 10 miles. The other agents, however, before joining the police, did the most varied jobs: waiters, security agents for some shops or warehouse workers. Unlike Chauvin, they have fewer years of service behind them: Kueng and Lane only became policemen in 2019, while Thao in 2008.

The story of Floyd’s friend: he never resisted

“I can still hear him pleading, ‘Please, officer, what’s the use of all this?'” The man who was in the car with Floyd at the time of the arrest told the New York Times. His name is Maurice Lester Hall, 42, also a black from Houston. Hall was also arrested for a previous arrest warrant against him for abusive firearms, domestic assault and drug possession. The man returned to Houston where he was arrested and told the investigators and the newspaper everything. Hall said that “George Floyd never put up any resistance to the agents.” At the time, he was just asking anyone for help because he was dying, “said Hall.” I will always remember seeing the fear on Floyd’s face. This is what I have left, to see an adult man cry, before I see an adult man die “a 325-page document containing personal information on the lives of the four agents involved in the death of George Floyd, related both to the period of activity as agents and to the one without a badge.

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