The philosopher Giulio Giorello died, he married three days ago


The philosopher Giulio Giorello died at the age of 75 in Milan, where he was born on May 14, 1945. Giorello was a pupil of Ludovico Geymonat and took his place at the chair of Philosophy of Science at the Milan State University.

According to the Ansa, Giorello had been hospitalized for the coronavirus about a month ago at the Polyclinic from which he was later discharged. In the last few days his condition has plummeted. Just three days ago he married his partner Roberta Pelachin.

Giulio Giorello, between career and passions

During his career he devoted himself passionately to the study of neuroscience, paleontology, evolutionary psychology, particle physics, mythology, philosophical research, bioethics. He made his commitment to break down the barriers between humanistic and scientific thought.

He directed the series “Science and Ideas” by Raffaello Cortina Editore and with the same publishing house he published one of his most successful books, “Of no church”.

Big fan of comics and of Disney productions, he was also the author of books such as “Science in the Clouds”, signed in 2007 with Pier Luigi Gaspa for Raffaello Cortina, and “Mickey’s Philosophy”, written with Ilaria Cozzaglio (Guanda, 2013).

Conte’s tribute to Giorello

Premier Giuseppe Conte paid homage to the philosopher in a tweet: “Giulio Giorello is deceased. Refined philosopher, epistemologist, great lover of questions concerning the ‘method’ of science. He also reflected intensely on ethics, politics, religion. Italy loses a great thinker, never banal. We are left with its dense pages“.

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Photo source: ANSA

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