The partisan prosecutor ignored the insults against Gasparri


Sympathizer of the partisans, but according to Senator Maurizio Gasparri (Forza Italia), also “negligent”. This is the profile that emerges of Eugenio Albamonte, the magistrate who investigates CasaPound. «The facts date back to 2014 – says the politician – when I filed a complaint in which I collected in detail and documented 3-400 insulting messages that had come to me on social media. Many of the profiles were clearly recognizable, but having no news, after some time I decided to call, through the Viminale Battery, the chief prosecutor of Rome Pignatone ». Who promised to inquire. «He called me back – continues Gasparri – and told me the practical number and that the then substitute prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte was dealing with these events, who was the one to whom the investigations on these computer crimes were entrusted. He added that, however, at the moment he had no news. I must say that I no longer knew anything and that the magistrate never called me to be heard ».

The senator clarifies that he knows from experience “that most of the time the judiciary says that the problem is to go back to the search engines because the messages travel the world. But it is a pretext – he adds – because in reality when the character is not liked there is no investigation. There are center-right politicians who have been stoned for a retweet ». And he keeps saying: «I deduce, in light of yesterday’s newspaper article, that Albamonte has not investigated because they are not partisan association or antifa committee that smashes the windows in America. I do not know. I remember that once, being an injured party, I was received by an adjunct prosecutor whose room – he still says – was dotted with PLO pennants and other Palestinian organizations «. And he continues: «Nothing wrongful, but I seemed to be on an al-Fatah committee and not in the offices of the Prosecutor. I have the impression that Albamonte did not investigate why I suck him and therefore thought it right that they insulted me. If you work for citizens as you worked for me, poor citizens ». He then announces “a question to the current minister to report the failure to investigate and understand if they want to take disciplinary action against a negligent magistrate because he is biased” against him.

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