“The Order of Journalists is loathsome I resign” – Libero Quotidiano


The die is cast. I resigned from Disorder of journalists, because I consider it unworthy to have me among its members. It has haunted me for years by wrapping me in a cloud of fumus persecutionis. He even accused me of composing unwelcome titles by ignoring, to emphasize his journalistic culture, that the editorial director, as I am, does another job and cannot be prosecuted for the contents of a newspaper, as there is a responsible director whose contract and by law it is the control of what is printed. This is to tell you at what level are those called to judge the correctness of the work of colleagues. Having said this, I am leaving anyway from this consortium of people unknown to the public and who despite this claim the right to promote and reject, especially to reject reporters based on their political preferences. The Disciplinary Council of the Order in fact, he examines the language of the articles and if he considers it politically incorrect, that is, not to his taste, he proceeds and condemns it. The useless and harmful body has given itself a code of ethics that aims to make war on vocabulary and also on concepts that do not coincide with rampant progressive conformism. I reject this bold and fascist or, rather, communist style and I am leaving on my own, I no longer want to deal with a special tribunal ready to strike heretics. My choice is not me prevent to express opinions as a free citizen and to exercise the functions of editorial director. I could hardly wait to get out of the mephitic prison in which I had been imprisoned for 51 years. Note: last year the Order me awarded the gold medal for giving prestige to the profession, meanwhile, however, began the resurgence of my persecution, which has been underway for some time. I have never withdrawn this merit. Some years ago he called me saying that I could not take on the role of president of the Milanese racecourses. He believed there was a conflict of interest. I pointed out: Indro Montanelli he had been on the board of Fiorentina football and Enzo Biagi in that of Bologna. I was acquitted. Then they blamed me for the advertising I was testimonial of for a fashion house. I documented that my compensation had been donated to charity. Another acquittal. Then the Boffo case.

I was unjustly suspended for three months. It happens by chance: Boffo has disappeared while I am still here to fight with my censors. I’ll spare you other grotesque episodes. I quote a title of Free: Come on Gretina. Another proceeding against me although, I repeat, the publication of the “crime” depended not on me but on the director in charge. Of course, at this point I prefer to abandon this incompetent cage. At my age, 77, everything is tolerated except the harassing people that I intend to report as soon as the affair has ended. Nothing changes for me. I remain editorial director and board member, my articles as a citizen with the need to express their opinions, if accepted by the director, will come out. Long live Atalanta, down with the Order.

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