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TORINO. A string of trucks lined up in Piazza Vittorio, ready to parade through the streets of the center and in front of all the hospitals. And a flash mob in Piazza Castello. These are the new protests of the Nursind nurses, who already made a few weeks ago clamor by chaining themselves in front of the Piedmont Region. This morning at 10 am Piazza Vittorio was occupied by huge white trucks, with union writings, arranged in neat rows that attracted the attention of passersby.

The demonstration was organized to remind institutions that despite the pandemic and the commitment and non-stop work done by nurses, neither salary increases nor allowances arrived.

The nurses back in the square in Turin: even with trucks

“Conte had made promises and is not keeping them,” says Francesco Coppolella, regional secretary of Nursind.

A little further on, in Piazza Castello, there is the protest with Superman’s shirts on, green handkerchiefs around his neck and raised arms, waving tricolors. In front of the prefecture the union Nursing Up wants to denounce the working conditions of the sanitary workers. The demonstrators lined up in orderly rows. On the chest they have signs with the words ¬ęShame! You call heroes but we have the lowest salaries in Europe “,” You call us angels but we are worn out and forgotten “.

In Turin, nurses take to the streets: “You call us heroes but we have the lowest salaries in Europe”

Before the rally, everyone observed a minute’s silence in honor of George Floyd, the African American man killed after police intervention in the USA.

Claudio Delli Carri, regional secretary of Nursing up explains: ‘We ask the government for separate and autonomous bargaining for nurses and healthcare professionals, enhancement of the paths and recruitment of staff, including staff.’ The union for nurses asks for a salary increase of 500 euros net per month.

The first flash Mob organized by the union of nurses – on May 20 – had triggered a series of protests in the nursing category in all Italian squares. Nursind is carrying out demonstrations in many cities.

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