The NFL admitted that it was wrong about the protests against racism


Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), the most important professional football league, said that the association was wrong not to listen to its players who had repeatedly denounced racism widespread in the United States.

“I admit that we, the National Football League, were wrong not to listen to NFL players first and not to encourage them to speak openly and to protest peacefully. We, the National Football League, think black lives are important, “said Gooddell, repeating the slogan of the black rights movement, Black Lives Matter.

Goodell’s words came in response to a video released on Friday, in which important NFL players spoke of George Floyd, killed during a violent arrest by the police, and of racism widespread in the States. The players asked the NFL to openly take sides with black rights.

Goodell, however, never named Colin Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who in August 2016 refused to stand up during the national anthem before a game, contributing significantly to the protests that had also been organized. in those days. After that gesture, Kaepernick found himself for a long time without a team and sued the owners of the NFL teams accusing them of having agreed not to hire him. The NFL also imposed a fine on teams whose players had knelt during the national anthem.

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