The new zero-emission flagship for exclusive travel


The flagship of the German company becomes completely electric, we are talking about Opel Zafira Life, which shows how the electrification of the range for the brand continues and launches on the market the top model for multi-seater cars in the zero-emission variant.

Opel Zafira Life, recently also presented in its special and unpublished version inspired by the A-Team, offers all the advantages of the brand’s “Lounge on Wheels”, is fun to drive, up to nine seats and available in three lengths. With 136 hp and 260 Nm of maximum torque from the electric propulsion system, offers higher performance than most multipurpose electric vehicles (MPV). The electronically controlled maximum speed is 130 km / h and allows driving on the highway while saving electric autonomy. Two sizes of lithium-ion batteries are available, with 75kWh2 and oneautonomy up to 330 km or with 50kWh and autonomy up to 230 km.

The batteries are under the load compartment, where they do not compromise the boot capacity. The efficiency of the car increases thanks to the sophisticated regenerative braking system, which recovers the energy produced during braking or during deceleration. As for the recharge, at a station of 100 kW of direct current (DC) power, the 50kWh battery takes 30 minutes to reach 80% of the charge, about 45 for the 75kWh battery.

Opel will offer Zafira-e Life in three lengths, each tailored to the customer’s needs. The variant “Small” it competes with compact MPVs on the market, but offers much more space and can carry up to nine passengers. Opel Zafira-e Life “Medium” it is 35 cm longer, the rear passengers have more legroom. Compared to the competition, the car is also equipped with a larger tailgate and easier access. With a load capacity of around 4,500 liters, Opel Zafira-e Life “Large” is a rival for even larger MPVs.

Source: Opel Press Office

in interior we see leather seats, configurations with five, six, seven or eight seats are available. For the long wheelbase versions Opel offers the luxurious “Lounge” upholstery, seats with massage and electric heating in the front, four movable leather armchairs behind.

The launch of the fourth generation of Opel Zafira Life we ​​saw it last year, today, in the new fully electric version it is equipped with numerous driver assistance systems. The front area of ​​the vehicle is monitored by a camera and radar, the system recognizes pedestrians crossing the road and is able to start emergency braking. Semi-adaptive Cruise Control adjusts the speed based on that of the vehicle in front. The color head-up display is unique in this segment, showing speed, distance from the previous vehicle and navigation.

The large touchscreen is equipped with infotainment Multimedia and Multimedia Ships. Both systems have phone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The new zero-emission Opel Zafira-e Life represents a very attractive offer for both environmentally conscious individuals and demanding business users. Reservations will open during the summer, the first deliveries during the year.

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