the new single against racism


Beyoncé, Black Parade: the American singer’s new single released on Emancipation Day.

Beyoncé returns to make her feel voice. Ms. Carter-Knowles released her new single, Black Parade, and he did it on a day not just any: June 19, which in the United States is the Emancipation Day, a date that recalls the end of slavery.

A song that arrives on an important day and in a particularly delicate historical period for the history of the States, a few weeks after the death of George Floyd from which the wave of demonstrations for the movement arose Black Lives Matter, supported by many artists, including Johnny Depp.

Beyoncé, Black Parade: the new single

To draw the world’s attention to the Juneteenth, the party for Emancipation that has always been considered a secondary party in America, was Beyoncé, who decided to release her new song on this day, Black Parade.


It is a passage written with her husband Jay Z and in which the characteristics of his being are listed and exalted woman is Black. A very interesting piece that is linked to current affairs, obviously not being free of anti-racist intent.

Black Parade: a song against racism

Sing Beyoncé in her new single: “Being black, this is the reason that always makes them like furious fools, being superior to him, I know that this is the reason that makes them crazy, and has always made them so“.

There is pride, there is struggle, but there is also room for ache for the too many unpunished deaths suffered by the blacks of America. A song therefore with multiple meanings, which takes on a very particular connotation for the date of publication and for the fact that it arrived unexpectedly in one of the most important historical periods for black people in the United States.

Below is the official audio of Black Parade: