The new scrapping: 4,000 euros discount for those who get rid of the ten year old car


ROME – The scrapping of used and polluting cars is back. With an amendment to the ‘Relaunch decree’ filed yesterday in the Pd Chamber, Iv and Leu pave the way for a large car park replacement operation in the style of those of Romano Prodi’s government. The operation, if the amendment signed by Gianluca Benamati, Guglielmo Epifani and others, is approved, will start on July 1st of this year and will last until December 31st. It provides for a state contribution of 2,000 euros and another 2,000 euros from the dealer, therefore a discount of 4,000 euros in all, to those who scrap a vehicle with more than 10 years of seniority. Even without scrapping there is a discount of 2,000 euros (1,000 the state and 1,000 the dealer). The condition is that a new Euro 6 vehicle with C02 emissions above 61g / km must be purchased.The measure will remain in force as it will be next year, until 31 December 2021 with the difference that the state contribution is halved, like that of the concessionaire. In practice, the discount drops to 2,000 euros.
Scrapping, in a different form, also applies to the second-hand market. From 1 July to 31 December this year, a used car can be scrapped for € 0.1, 2 and € 3 with a used car of at least € 5. The advantage lies in the exemption of tax charges on the transfer of the car.The measure proposed by the Democratic Party comes at a time of great crisis in the car market, which the report on the amendment to article 44 of the decree defines as “one of the main industrial chains in the country”. The drop in registrations, it is emphasized, was 50 percent compared to the previous year in the month of reopening. The scrapping measure joins and integrates with the measures taken by the previous government to stimulate the replacement of cars Euro 0,1,2,3,4 with electric vehicles or with vehicles with emissions not exceeding 60 gr, of C02 per kilometer .

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