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The new restrictions come from WhatsApp, which now threatens the ban for its users. Let’s see what are the new rules to follow.

The new rules to follow on the application (Pixabay)

In the last period, especially during the Coronavirus quarantine, Whatsapp has tried to increase restrictions to respect the privacy of its users. In fact, the messaging app has seriously undermined its leadership by Signal, app sponsored by theEuropean Union, and is doing everything to increase the level of security on its service.

So the colossus of Mark Zuckerberg has decided to introduce new rules to be absolutely respected. In fact, in case of infraction of these rules there will be the ban insured, with banned users forced to move to another platform. So let’s see what will be the new restrictions on the application that has allowed a lot of users to keep in touch with loved ones during the quarantine.

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WhatsApp, new rules to avoid ban: what changes

Whatsapp ban
What are the new rules on the messaging app (via WebSource)

To attack the messaging giant to impose new rules, the bad guys thought that spammed during the quarantine repeat fake news. Among the most accredited fake news we find that of a paid app return. In fact, precisely because of this reason, many users have donated money to real scammers.

So WhatsApp has declared that there will be the ban insured for all those who will spread the fake news, through the various conversations and through the famous chains. But not only will the ban arrive surely also for all those who are used to send messages from day to day spam. To limit all this, WhatsApp has decided to launch a new update in which the new guiding measures are communicated.

Finally, the ban will also come for those who send infected files, precisely to prevent the sharing of malware or spyware on smartphones. So the messaging giant is finally trying to put a brake on cybercriminals, which unfortunately are an internet scourge.


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