the new offer with 100 GIGA drives everyone crazy


WindTre it has already shown to old new subscribers that it has very advantageous promotions as regards consumption thresholds and monthly prices. Already in its first weeks of activity, the company has distinguished itself for initiatives that have led to a net increase in the number of users.

WindTre, the promotion with 100 Giga for all those who are already subscribers

WindTre’s priorities also include the goal of keeping the loyalty of existing customers constant. The provider, just in these hours, has launched a special initiative for those who already have an active SIM. The novelty is represented by the presence of the initiatives Giga Flash, a series of offers through which each subscriber can increase monthly the share of Giga for internet connection.

Among the Giga Flash promotions, a space is reserved for the initiative 100 Giga Max. With this special offer, customers will be able to activate 100 Giga for internet browsing at a single cost of only 9.99 euros. The 100 Giga Max is valid for sixty days. After two months, the initiative will be deactivated automatically without therefore extra costs on a monthly basis.

In addition to Giga Max, in the group of Giga Flash initiatives it is also possible to select differentiated cuts for the internet. Subscribers will be able to activate 6 additional Giga with the fixed cost of 6 euro per month and 10 Giga extra with a one-time price of 7 euro. The availability of these promotions is guaranteed in the personal area of ​​the official WindTre app. Alternatively you can activate one of these offers by responding to the various Informative SMS of the provider.

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