The new bundle offers 742 games for just $ 5


It is useless to go around so much, 2020 will probably be remembered as one of the worst years of the last few decades for the whole human race, between natural disasters, wars and almost uncontrollable epidemics. Among the many events of this last period that have knocked on the door, there are also protests that have been rampant for several days in the United States, an endless succession of events that have also had repercussions on the gaming industry, with various events expected by the public postponed for several days, including what should have allowed us to find out what PlayStation 5 can offer us.

The demonstrations, however, did not stop only in the USA and indeed, these days the whole world is protesting in the name of equality, with various companies that have also brought to light awareness campaigns designed to help the most needy. This also includes, the portal for purchasing Steam-style video games, though it is entirely focused on the vast world of independent productions, a place designed to highlight all those titles that in other shores often end up being overshadowed by much more resonant productions.

Well, on a bundle has been presented to say the least sumptuous and that no one should miss us. The bundle, entitled “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality” and reachable by clicking directly on this link, will allow all interested parties to get the beauty of 742 different video games for the modest sum of just 5 dollars – which will be donated to charity – a ridiculous price for such a quantity of productions.

As easily imaginable, part of the bundle consists of titles that you would most likely never play or of questionable quality, but at the same time the package is full of unmissable productions that would be a real crime to miss. Among the many games present, for example, include Oxenfree, Nights in the Woods, OneShot, Minit and many others, all titles that alone would be a shame to miss out for just five dollars.

In case you are looking for some Triple A that can accompany this sea of ‚Äč‚Äčindie productions, we highly recommend the now imminent The Last of Us Part 2, which can be purchased directly on Amazon.

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