“The new Imu? A blow. Here are the 5 hidden bars”


On Tuesday 16 June, over 25 million Italians are preparing to pay the first Imu down payment, a loot for the 11 billion euro Treasury coffers. The tax has changed its face and the president of Confedilizia, Giorgio Spaziani Testa, has explained to us in detail what has changed and what awaits us.

The new IMU arrives: what changes from June 16?

“Only the name of the tax you pay changes, given that before the initials were two (Imu and Tasi). From this year it becomes only one but the substance remains the same: the owners will have to pay about 11 billion euros “.

What are the pros and cons of the new imu?

“I don’t see a single pro. The cons, however, are many: the” basic “rate for the main house has been increased from 4 to 5 per thousand and from 7.6 to 8.6 per thousand that for the other buildings. Some municipalities are allowed to reach a higher maximum rate than all the others: 11.4 per thousand instead of 10.6. With the elimination of the Tasi the obligation for the Municipalities has been eliminated to identify the ‘indivisible services’ and to indicate analytically, for each of them, ‘the relative costs to whose coverage the tax is directed’. In essence, the only semblance of the service tax, invoked by all, has been eliminated rather than being With the elimination of the Tasi, the full amount of the tax is passed on to the owners, previously instead paid by the occupants of the buildings, if not used as the main home. used and free of m market due to the absence of tenants or buyers “.

In Covid’s time, is this a sting?

“In a period of exceptional crisis like this, the sources of income have often disappeared or have fallen sharply, causing owners to face a situation of serious economic difficulty. We have sent a circular to all our over 200 local representatives to invite them to urge the municipal administrations to postpone the deadline for the payment of the first installment or to establish that penalties and interest are not applied “.

These days the patrimonial nightmare returns. Will the house end up in the crosshairs?

“The Imu itself is a property even if many pretend not to notice it. But there are, in fact, other assets as well: Irpef on non-located houses that are in the same Municipality where the property is located. main home, a real harassment of those who have the ‘fault’ of not being able to sell or rent their property “.

What is the tax that should be removed from the house before any other?

“The most serious problem is given by the IMU. An ordinary property tax is in itself an iniquity, considering that it is a de facto expropriation tribute of the affected asset, the value of which is inevitably eroded over time. Some owner, in recent years, in order to escape this tribute he tried to sell his property to the state or reduce it to ruin: compared to 2011, the last pre-Imu year, the ruins have doubled from 278,121 to 548,148. ”

Is the construction market already recovering?

“I wouldn’t say so. He will be able to recover if the 110% superbonus introduced by the relaunch decree takes off, but for this to happen it is essential that its duration is extended”.

And the real estate one?

“The real estate market will start again if, in addition to incentives for property interventions, a reduction in taxation will be provided and if it will not take advantage of any opportunity to fill the owners with obligations, including non-tax ones”.

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