The new e-bike with the battery that cannot be seen


The first e-bike of GogoroAfter electric scooters, it is the turn of the bikes, the company has decided to also enter this new sector that is very competitive and today also very popular on a global level.

Just think that in Italy the purchase of bikes and electric scooters is seeing a crazy growth, undoubtedly thanks to the Mobility Bonus, which we have talked about a lot in the past few days and we have explained how to get it, which provides a 60% refund of the price paid to purchase one of the green micro-mobility vehicles, up to a maximum of 500 euros. Not a bad opportunity for Italians who can request it.

Gogoro debuts with its first electric bike, a very interesting model, with unique technical characteristics, which will undoubtedly determine its success. His name is Eeyo 1, an e-bike designed and built for urban environments and to enhance driving pleasure. The two-wheeler will be available already this summer not only in Europe, but also in Taiwan and the USA.

electric bike gogoro

Source: Gogoro

Taking a look at the exterior, we could say that it is everything except an electric bike; presents a clean design, the frame made of carbon fiber and the battery is not inside, moreover the classic vertical tube under the seatpost has been eliminated. In this way users will be able to insert an arm in a very simple way and carry their electric bike on the shoulder, thanks also to a weight of only 12.4 kg.

At first glance, this new and unpublished e-bike by Gogoro, looks like a simple bicycle, in fact the engine, sensors and battery are very cleverly and cleverly integrated into the rear wheel hub. Unique technical choice, which according to the House itself should bring several advantages. First of all, it seems that the engine is much more efficient than those of its competitors, capable of reaching 88 km autonomy in Eco Mode and 64 km in Sport Mode. In Europe, the maximum speed allowed will be 25 km / h.

The bike works thanks to an app to download to the smartphone and a Bluetooth connection, there is no power button. The e-bike is scheduled for unlock and start working only when the owner approaches; this makes it much safer from possible thieves, since pedaling without unlocking it is very tiring. In short, the world of electric bikes is proving increasingly successful, so much so that many new models are appearing on the market, such as the exceptional one capable of carrying up to 158 kg of load. The prices of the Gigoro e-bikes will not be within everyone’s reach, in Europe we do not yet know details on the price list, we only know the price in dollars: $ 3,899 for Eeyo 1 and $ 4,599 for Eeyo 1s.

eeyo gogoro electric

Source: Gogoro

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