The new 2020 family RC car: how it works


car interior Article. 55-bis of the Tax Decree (Law Decree 26 October 2019, No. 124 converted with amendments into Law No. 157/2019), containing “Measures in favor of the competitiveness of Italian companies in the insurance sector and the production of motor vehicles”, expected the introduction of the new one RC family car. By means of this family car TPL you will be able to benefit from the lowest insurance band among the vehicles owned by one of the members of the family unit.

Art. 55-bis of the Tax Decree

1. In paragraph 4-bis of article 134 of the private insurance code, referred to in Legislative Decree 7 September 2005, n. 209, the following changes are made: a) the word: “, relative” is replaced by the following: “and in all cases of renewal of contracts already stipulated, provided that in the absence of claims with exclusive or principal or equal responsibility in the last five years, based on the results of the risk certificate, relative “; b) the words: “of the same type” are replaced by the following: “, also of different types”.

2. For contracts entered into prior to the date of entry into force of the conversion law of this decree, the provisions referred to in paragraph 1, letter a), apply when renewing the same contracts

Caution: it should be noted that Legislative Decree no. 162/2019 containing “Urgent provisions regarding the extension of legislative terms, the organization of public administrations, as well as technological innovation”, the so-called Milleproroghe decree provided for the entry of the provision in question from February 16, 2020.

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In the first instance, it should be remembered that the aforementioned art. 134 of the Insurance Code, in its previous formulation (before the Tax Decree), already provided for the possibility that within the families it was possible to acquire for the same type of vehicle, the class of merit more favorable than that of the last certificate of risk achieved on the vehicle already insured.

Now, better to say from February 16, 2020, this possibility has also been extended to cases of renewal of contracts already entered into, provided that there have been no claims with exclusive or principal or equal liability in the last 5 years, based on the results of the risk certificate. Furthermore, this benefit is also applicable for different types of vehicles, therefore also for family motorcycles / scooters.

Based on the above, it follows that the new RC family car:

  • has extended, for insurance companies, the obligation to assign the most favorable class of merit within the family members resulting from the latest risk certificate in all cases of renewal of contracts already entered into;
  • has provided for the possibility that the more favorable insurance contract may also be extended to another type of vehicle. So, for example, if within the family there is a scooter in 13th class and a car in the first one, it will be possible, from the next renewal of the insurance (after February 16, 2020) to benefit also for the scooter of the first headband (as for the car).

Caution: the concessions provided by the new family car RC do not return applicable if the risk certificate is made out to a legal person. Consider, for example, the case of company cars or registered to companies.

If you have discarded the opportunity to buy a new vehicle due to the high insurance costs, this is a good time to rethink, taking advantage not only of the possibilities offered by the family RC Car but also the new incentives related to low mobility emissions (link to in-depth article).

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Caution: with the conversion into law of the decree-law “Milleproroghe” (Legislative Decree 30 December 2019, no. 162) it was envisaged that upon the occurrence of an accident for which a driver placed in the class of merit was made solely or principally responsible more favorable for the vehicle of different types pursuant to the provisions of the new family car TPL, and which entailed the payment of compensation in excess of € 5,000, the insurance companies, on the first subsequent expiration of the contract, can assign, for the only vehicles of different types involved in the accident, a class of merit up to five units higher than the criteria indicated by IVASS. The provisions in question apply only to the beneficiaries of the assignment of the most favorable class of merit for the vehicle of different types only.

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