The musical Hamilton arrives on Disney +


The beloved musical Hamilton finally comes for everyone. A very strange TV season ends. Started with the intensification of the so-called “wars of streaming”- the arrival on the market of Apple TV +, Disney +, Quibi, and in the USA HBO Max and soon Peacock – and then suddenly suspended, due to coronavirus: a lot of TV series closed their doors early, a lot of live programs have started broadcasting from the walls of the house, and, above all, all the productions that should have filled the summer and autumn schedules have seen the production interrupted by the epidemic.

A TV season that, right at the end, found itself having to deal with the systemic racism of the United States, while several streaming platforms in solidarity with the protests of Black Lives Matter remove problematic episodes from the past series – but not all activists support this choice, which more resembles a precautionary move to avoid any controversy on the part of the networks than a way of dealing with the age-old question of discriminatory representation of minorities. How will the TV await us? Nobody really knows.

The numbers of contagion in the United States continue to rise steeply, in an election year in which even the use of the mask has become a political battleground. While the releases of the big cinema blockbusters continue to be postponed, and it is still not known when you can start working on the sets at full speed, we leave you with a report that does not concern either a real film or a series: from Friday 3 July, on the Disney + platform, you can see the musical Hamilton.

It was due to be released next year in the theater, and instead it arrives surprisingly in advance directly via streaming, probably also to flesh out a catalog, that of Disney +, whose new originals are blocked precisely by the pandemic. Italy traditionally does not like Broadway very much, unfortunately, but Hamilton is, to date, the culturally most important show among those of the new millennium: written and interpreted by Lin-Manuel Miranda, staged for the first time in 2015 after a first brief presentation at the White House in front of the Obama, 11 Tony won Award, 1 Grammy and the Pulitzer Prize for dramaturgy.

Inspired by the biography of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, he recounts, among other things, the American revolution first and the effort to build a democratic state later. It does this mainly using the rap, hip hop and r’n’b genres, and assembling a mainly non-white cast: the result is very powerful in underlining what is essentially a great immigration parable – all US citizens, except natives , are immigrants, and Hamilton himself, as well as Miranda, had Puerto Rican origins – and at the same time in the appropriation of American history by traditionally oppressed or excluded minorities.

What will be seen on Disney + is a recording of the show (directed and edited by the director of the musical, Thomas Kail) with the original cast: a hymn to that incredible, contradictory, messed up political and social experiment that is the United States of America. America, still far from being concluded. A critical look, but full of hope: the one we continue to need, again and again.

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