The moves to stop Di Battista, leaderless collective leadership


ROME increasingly hard clash between Alessandro Di Battista and Paola Taverna in the Movement. The former MP tried the lunge but was blocked by Beppe Grillo’s violent tweet, apparently inspired by the Taverna. In the chess game of these hours, what is certain that Di Battista has tried to accelerate to involve the militants, his people, in the only vote that could bring him back to the saddle of a Movement in which many consider him a stranger.

Beppe the High

The Taverna knows that in a challenge on the net it would not compete with the tribune and therefore tries to postpone the moment, instead recalling the need for a collegiate body. At the moment, therefore, we are stalled. The senator speaks openly to Zapping, where she first disputes the word congress used by Di Battista: a word that does not belong to me, of the old politics. Then he reiterates the two cornerstones of his line, collegiality and long times: We are born heterogeneous and we need pluralistic governance rather than a political leader. That the movement must be questioned and that it needs to put new goals at the center of the agenda, given that many have achieved them, I have no doubts about this. But the idea of ​​looking at our navel, rather than dealing with the problems of the country, leaves me perplexed. And again: Ideas come first, then people. Let’s start with ideas, as for names we have plenty of time to do it. When the challenge between the two makes it clear which side he is on: I have been in the Movement for 13 years, at the time we called each other Beppe Grillo’s friends. He is elevated today, a path companion for whom I have great esteem and respect. And Di Battista? With Alessandro I walked all the stages we did together.

Toninelli: The congress? Pi in l

The Taverna is totally against, therefore, the idea of ​​a vote on Rousseau before the summer. Although it is whispered that it is she who wants to accelerate the creation of a sort of transitory political body, a trust trust that holds all souls together and that ferries the Movement beyond the summer. And how do we do it? – an executive reasons – We should modify the Statute. But then, can we introduce ourselves to the country, with all that has been going on in these months, saying that we want to vote on the new leader of the M5S ?. But Manlio Di Stefano also says it clearly: Di Battista would like this congress to be held as soon as possible. Another part, including Grillo, myself and I believe most of the Movement, believes that when you finish tackling the most important issues, those of the country, you will find a moment of sharing. Also because, he adds, I think he doesn’t give a damn to anyone at the congress now. In harmony Danilo Toninelli: The congress? Further on, we are now relaunching Italy. Obviously, the reasoning that is done on the upper floors, better to wait. Try to mend with Di Battista. Mediate. To deal. Launch some little content, such as the announcement that Vito Crimi could soon make with the date of the States General. Presumably set at the end of September, after the election day, and passed off as an acceleration, compared to the dates that have been said, October or November.

The new parties of Paragone and Fioramonti

It is difficult to understand whether it will be enough to appease Di Battista’s anxieties. It is also difficult to understand what to do Grillo. Someone would like him on the field as a leader. He throws it there every now and then, but few believe that he really wants to return to the arena, even if he makes his weight felt with some verbal device, a tweet, a phone call. All around, the landscape is likely to change. Gianluigi Paragone, a great friend of Di Battista, expelled from the Movement, is preparing to launch a new party, to bring Italy out of the euro. Former Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti is also working on a new, environmentally friendly training. It is difficult for Di Battista to abandon the boat. But even for the 5 Stars – in view of a hot and very heavy autumn for the Italians – it may be convenient to have a free hitter, critical of the executive and capable of interpreting moods and giving voice to the anger of the people.

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