The Mountain ATS data on coronavirus infection in the province of Sondrio: Wednesday 30 June 2020


In the last 24 hours, no new infections have emerged from covid-19. The people of the province of Sondrio tested positive for the covid-19 swab since the beginning of the emergency are still 1571, exactly like yesterday.

Globally, the subjects in the territory who tested positive for the oropharyngeal swab are 1166 while the elderly of the provincial RSA infected are always 405. The precise number of people still positive for the swab in the province is 225 cases.

Dead and healed

On the other hand, the data relating to deaths and recovered in Valtellina and Valchiavenna are growing. According to ATS della Montagna, one person died of covid-19 on the last day. The total number of experts in the province of Sondrio therefore rises 208 cases.

Finally, as mentioned, the number of people permanently cured of the coronavirus continues to grow. Today there are 3 people who have overcome the disease. 1138 since the beginning of the emergency.

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