The most private aspects of Meloni: “I feel indifference to my father, I owe everything to my mother”


After Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Luigi di Maio, as well as Elena Santarelli and Tommaso Paradiso just to name a few, Maurizio Costanzo on his armchair he hosted the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni. On the armchair of the interview, the journalist made the only female leader of our country sit down for a long chat in which the political issues were marginal compared to Giorgia Meloni’s personal story. The interview will air tomorrow, Thursday 11 June, in the late evening on Canale 5.

Inevitable for Maurizio Costanzo and Giorgia Meloni to return to the subject coronavirus, a theme that has monopolized the last few months of our country not without noisy controversies on the work of the government. Giorgia Meloni was one of the most critical of how Giuseppe Conte and his executive handled the emergency and does not hide his concern for the future, especially regarding the country’s economy. “There seems to be a risk of a second wave, fear today is so much part of our day, but Italy cannot afford another lockdown“explained the leader of Fratelli d’Italia from Maurizio Costanzo. The economic emergency at this moment is more fearful than the medical one, due to the long-term consequences that will have the closure of March-April and will not be sustainable for the fabric another similar lockout in the country.

Closed the political parenthesis, Maurizio Costanzo and Giorgia Meloni dealt with some very delicate issues of the woman’s personal sphere, including her relationship with her parents: “I was unable to hate my father, I always tried indifference for him. I regretted that I had not felt a great emotion for him, even when he died. I broke relationships with him at 11. I owe everything to my mother, she raised two children alone“Always against the legalization of drugs, Giorgia Meloni proudly declared that she had never used them, not even in the past:”I never wanted to try the drug for nonconformity, never smoked a joint, everyone did it, in my opinion you are an alternative if you don’t smoke reeds“.

Giorgia Meloni looks to the future, where it seems that politics can play a marginal role in her life. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia has admitted with Maurizio Costanzo that he wants to try the radio experience, a totally different dimension compared to his present, which seems to fascinate her: “What do I want to do when I grow up? My big dream is to do the radio, I love the size of the radio, I love it, although I don’t think I have a radio voice“.

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