the most dangerous for TIM, Vodafone and Iliad users


Very often it happens that the users of any manager are disturbed by truly inappropriate calls. These come from some call center, which sometimes become really stressful for the number of calls forwarded. In fact, you can ignore all the calls you want: there will always be the call center on duty that will call you. As long as it comes to telephone offers or any other situation that includes legal fees, everything would be fine, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Very often, in fact, several call centers put in place real ones scam attempts to the detriment of users who therefore try to defend themselves. Unfortunately, scams are very recurrent, and often aim at very specific objectives. This in fact turns out to be the most dangerous situations, given that the most naive can fall into the trap.

Call centers and scams on the phone, here’s the best way to defend yourself

When calling a call center, to avoid scams, you must be very careful. In fact, when you sign any contract over the phone, a voice recording is then completed. That’s why you need to make sure you’re on the phone with official operators maybe recognized with a serial number.

Often just with voice recording, scammers can extrapolate your word of assent to place it where they want. In this way they can therefore activate all the subscriptions they want and charge them on your phone number. In fact, when your identity is requested and the operator pronounces your name looking for your confirmation, answer for example with a dry “It’s me“, Avoiding to answer only”Yup“.

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