The missing piece to the prosecutors: the pressures of the mayor Gori


The mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, the local industrialists, the merchants, all were against the red areas and isolation. At the end of February the slogan is #Bergamononsiferma with the pandemic that soon spreads like wildfire. On March 5 reinforcements are arriving on the orders of the Ministry of the Interior for the red zone in Alzano Lombardo and Nembro. Gori himself in an interview with Eco di Bergamo, still present on his Facebook page, says verbatim: «Life goes on, we are not at war () We follow all the prescriptions, but there is no reason not to go out, go to the restaurant with his wife or go for a walk downtown. ” And rejects the red areas: “The paradox is that the city is likely to pay a much higher price than the real () this situation is harming us more than necessary”. Only on March 8 will he change his mind when it is too late.

The League now wants to see us clearly with a question in the City Council, asking “if at the beginning of March 2020, the mayor received requests from individual entrepreneurs and / or trade associations to intercede with the national government or the parliamentarians of his deployment political in order to dissuade the establishment of the red zone of Alzano and Nembro “. The Northern League deputy of Bergamo, Daniele Belotti, is amazed that “the power of attorney” after calling to put everyone down, from the leaders of Lombardy to the government, “did not hear the mayor Gori about any pressure not to establish the red zone of Alzano and Nembro ». Belotti confirms to the Giornale «that the entrepreneurs called everyone to avoid closures. The first citizen, who enjoys national significance, far more than certain MPs, had the political weight to intervene on the Democratic Party and the government “. Even the grillini are pressed and local representatives feel Rome, including Vito Crimi, regent of the Five stars. The initial answer leaves no doubt: “The red zone will be done.” In Bergamo, however, the anti-closure lobby is powerful and has the first bishop in the mayor, as the newspaper reconstructs.

To understand the situation, we need to take a step back starting from Gori’s list of Bergamo supporters for the election campaign, which brought him to the chair of the first citizen. Not a few entrepreneurs or close people like Grazia Flaviani, wife of Brembo’s owner, Alberto Bombassei, who donates 50 thousand euros. Cuts of 10 thousand euros for Persico, owned by Nembro, Azotal di Bergamo and other companies. In all, a considerable financing of 250 thousand euros is achieved.

It is no coincidence that the mayor, after the first measures of the Lombardy region, married the line of undervaluation by posting on Facebook the exit for dinner with his wife Cristina Parodi. And above all by adhering to the campaigns of the local Confindustria and Confcommercio that underestimate the virus. The slogan adopted by the mayor, complete with a reassuring video and soundtrack of the nuclear tactical penguins, is “Bergamo does not stop”. On February 28, Gori writes on Facebook, that «600 STORES launch the shopping weekend in the city: ALL WILL BE OPEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY () the Coronavirus problem is not overcome, but #Bergamononsiferma».

On March 5 he claims that while following the instructions “there is no reason not to leave the house”. And he underlines that the museums are also open. In fact publicly rejects the red zone knowing full well that reinforcements are coming: “This situation is harming us more than necessary”.

Among the tracks under scrutiny by the Bergamo prosecutor’s office, which investigates the hypothesis of a “culpable epidemic”, that of industrialists who put pressure on politicians to avoid the red areas is increasingly important.

The question of the League in the City Council recalls how the mayor “promoted the Bergamo campaign does not stop in order to push people to go to the city and to go to bars and restaurants”. And despite the alarms already launched by the experts at national and regional level, “the message of Confindustria Bergamo resumed”, which diminished the dangers. The Northern League supporters Enrico Facoetti and Stefano Massimiliano Rovetta write in the question that “many hypotheses are made about possible interventions that the Orobic entrepreneurial world () would have exercised at the beginning of March on the political bodies to avoid the establishment of the red zone”. And remembering the entrepreneurs’ funds for the electoral campaign of Gori asking if he put pressure on the “national government or the parliamentarians of his political alignment in order to dissuade the institution of the red zone of Alzano and Nembro”.

Only on March 8, when the government withdrew the reinforcements abandoning the idea of ​​targeted and total closure transforming Lombardy into a more vague “orange zone”, Gori made mea culpa and changed course. «The situation is very SERIOUS. The spread of Coronavirus has accelerated in recent days – he writes on Facebook -. Now we have to stay home as much as possible. Going out as little as possible, meeting as few people as possible ».

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