“The media are obsessed with him”, with Sardines he is the first – Libero Quotidiano


From the study of DiMartedì Matteo Salvini reiterated that after the government of Giuseppe Conte there are only elections. “He asks her right away, isn’t that his time is coming back?” Is the question Giovanni Floris he turned to Mattia Santori. The founder of Sardines still hanging out in the TV lounges and managed to be surreal when he declared that “unfortunately we live in a country where the media are obsessed with the figure of Salvini, they deliver us a slave country of the League secretary. Five months ago in Bologna the only question they asked me is’what do you think about salvini?‘ “. Santori forgets that he owes the existence of the Sardines to the former minister, given that the movement was born exclusively in opposition to the leader of the Carroccio: “We are the only ones who have put the sticks in the wheels for the first time in a long time – it is the self-exaltation of the founder of the little fishes – but after months we are still associated with the figure of Salvini “. And it is perhaps the only reason why they still invite Santori and his companions on TV.

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