the league’s post unleashes indignation. Maran asks for “evidence”


A man bent over on a bench. Discouraged and in full difficulty. Here and there some clothes. A powerful photo, above all because accompanied by a strong caption: “Milan Rogoredo, 62 year old Italian, residing in public housing remains hospitalized for two months with the coronavirus and on his return he finds his small studio apartment occupied. Now he lives like this … These injustices they hurt the heart! “. The image was published on Monday 8 June by Edoardo Ziello, Tuscan deputy of the League.


Photos – The Facebook post of the Lega’s honor

The image (at the time of writing this article) collected 3,354 reactions, 1,741 comments and 4,378 shares. In short, it appeared on the Facebook wall of quite a few people. It is an indignant story. But is it real? A first response comes from the councilor for urban planning Pierfrancesco Maran who on the morning of Monday 15 June, seven days after the post, returned to the topic: “We immediately moved to look for the lord of the photo and offer the help of the institutions But it doesn’t appear to anyone and certainly doesn’t live like this at Rogoredo station, “he said.

The situation, as pointed out by the Milanese councilor, would not be known to Aler (the regional agency that manages the housing estates in the neighborhood), nor to the railway police who patrol the airport. Not only. Maran stressed that “the president of the municipality 4” is not aware of the fact: Paolo Guido Bassi, elected with the League. Maran went directly to Ziello: “if the photo is not just an easy way to create indignation, give us useful information to identify the person!”.

Man on the bench in Milan: the shot

The collage published by the Honorable League is made up of three images but they are not different photos: it is the same image published with three different “crops”. None of these three shows a useful detail to trace the name of the station (certainly Italian judging from the furnishings) in which it was taken.

Looking at it, one can guess that the photograph may have been taken at night (yes there are no areas illuminated by the sun) and on a cold day because the man is wearing an overcoat. It is difficult to say for sure if it was taken in Milan and more precisely in the Rogoredo airport.

Elderly couple dies from coronavirus: squatters occupy their home

An episode similar to that narrated by Ziello, however, happened in Milan in April: a man and a woman had occupied a popular home in via dei Cinquecento (Porto di Mare area) of two elderly people killed by coronavirus.

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The couple, who lived amid the personal belongings of the two spouses, had been vacated. The apartment had been secured and entrusted to Aler pending investigations to track down the heirs of the elderly.

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