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The center right with short irons. Matteo Salvini’s words yesterday, Friday 5 June are proof of this. The leader of the League, in a conference in Naples, said clearly and roundly: “Sometimes I don’t understand Berlusconi, he speaks like Renzi and Prodi”. But there is also more to incentivising discontent. According to Il Giornale, in fact, there is a fairly difficult internal center-right negotiation. And it is the one for the candidate governors of Puglia and Campania, on which the leaders struggle to find the square. The leader of the League seems intent on pulling straight, determined to get one of his candidates in one of the two southern regions and to question the pact of last autumn without however discarding the hypothesis of a civil society exponent chosen by him anyway.

But not only that, because according to the newspaper of Sallusti there would even be those who manage not to exclude a surprise lunge: the presentation of a Salvinian candidacy outside the center-right coalition. This move could seriously endanger peace between allies and not only with Forza Italia, but also with the Brothers of Italy. To encourage the bad moods Berlusconi’s attitude increasingly close to the majority, to the point of being willing to collaborate with Count and companions. Meanwhile, the Salvini-Meloni-Berlusconi face-to-face will be held next week, when the three will discuss the regional nominations.

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