the launch trailer reminds us of the upcoming release of the game on PS4 –


Sony released the launch trailer of The Last of Us 2, which reminds us of the imminent Exit of this highly anticipated exclusive PS4 game. What to say? The video shows several game sequences, but there is very little of unpublished material. The editing is a bit more syncopated than other videos, but if you have followed the title of Naughty Dog so far you shouldn’t have any big surprises.

Actually the movie tough really very little. The timer counts 50 seconds, but only around 17-18 show the game. Nothing wrong, being basically a commercial, but something more could be done given the caliber of The Last of Us 2.

After all, Sony and Naughty Dog have widely shown the title on several occasions, the last of which is a dedicated State of Play, so let’s imagine that the most ardent fans do not need to know much else to buy it.

If you are interested in having more information, read our recent essay on The Last of Us 2, written pending the review which, as you know, will be published on June 12th. The launching of The Last of Us 2 will take place on June 19, 2020, in a little over a week.

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