The launch of Rimac’s super hypercar has been postponed


The health emergency triggered by the new Coronavirus, and the subsequent quarantine, has messed up the plans of almost all automotive manufacturers, forced to stop production for several weeks and review the schedule of new model launches.

Among these we also find Rimac, a Croatian manufacturer who, in this first half of 2020, was planning the lancio of the C_Two, the electric hypercar unveiled during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. One of the most anticipated models of the year and it has everything it needs to amaze electric car enthusiasts and beyond. The four electric motors mounted by the Rimac C_Two (one for each wheel) are capable of releasing one total power of 1,914 horsepower and to push it up to 412 kilometers per hour (while it takes just 1.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour), making the C_Two one of the fastest electric cars around. The 120 kWh battery pack also guarantees over 600 kilometers of autonomy.

Performance, however, not only of a mechanical sector from before the class. Also there ultra-light carbon fiber shell contributes decisively to top speed and, above all, to acceleration from racing cars. To manage everything, then, we find a long list of software developed specifically by Rimac to better control the power of the four engines. The R-Awtv module, for example, deals with managing and distributing power between the four wheels, so as to ensure the best possible traction even in the most complex situations. Not only that: the Rimac C_Two should fit fourth level autonomous driving systems, among the most advanced in circulation today.

As mentioned, however, the COVID-19 has messed up the plans of the Croatian manufacturer, forced to stop the production of prototypes needed for crash tests and road tests. Rimac announces that it has resumed assembly in these days at the Veliko Trgovišće plant, where it hopes to complete the 13 models necessary to complete the vehicle approval as soon as possible. An operation that should take several weeks.

Every single model, in fact, requires some attention: assembly alone takes a full five weeks, to which must be added those necessary for the “tests” to be conducted at the factory. Only when the car is perfect will it then be destined for crash tests and other tests necessary for approval. However, the launch is not postponed until a later date: if everything goes smoothly during approval, the Rimac C_Two will arrive on the market in the first part of 2021. If you want to buy one, know that you need 1.5 million pounds, about 1.7 million euros.

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