The Last of Us Part 3? Returning to that world will be increasingly difficult


With The Last of Us Part 2 recently available on video game shelves, it is obviously not yet known what the nature of the next Naughty Dog project will be,

Still, the Game Director Neil Druckmann has already had the opportunity to share some interesting considerations on what could be the prospects linked to a hypothetical The Last of Us Part 3. “As you can imagine, I will be a little vague and cautious, but I think that a reflection related to whether or not to make a Part 3 should be the same as in reference to Part 2. – stated the author during a recent interview – With the first game there were no expectations and therefore it was as if we could do anything“.

Later, with an imaginary started and characters already built, the team had to proceed in a different way to justify the creation of a sequel. The goal, says Druckmann, was in fact to achieve something that could have an emotional impact at least equivalent to the first The Last of Us. “And without that – concludes – there would be no reason to create a Part 3“. The operation, however, does not promise to be simple:”Finding it for the sequel was more difficult than it was with the first one, e going forward it will be exponentially more and more complex justify a return to that world and find a way to offer variety. There are already so many things you have seen related to the origins of history […], we really should find out how to create a new experience that is compatible with the emotional impact of these stories and I don’t know what it can be. For the moment“.

Following its debut, The Last of Us Part 2 has already sold 4 million copies worldwide.

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