The Last of Us 3 or a completely new game in the future of Naughty Dog –


The Last of Us 3 or a completely new game could be in the next future of Naughty Dog, or at least these seem to be the two possibilities Neil Druckmann is currently thinking about, although obviously the whole team’s activity has to be considered.

What emerges quite clearly is that a return of Uncharted seems unlikely, with Uncharted 4: End of a Thief considered to be a fairly shared final for the series. But this does not mean a total conclusion: already Neil Druckmann had talked about the possibility of an Uncharted 5 leaving the issue still open, but it seems unlikely that a new chapter can be entrusted directly to the authors of the main series.

“The next thing could be Part 3 or a new intellectual property“Druckmann said in a new interview with GQ, making it clear that there is the possibility of a The Last of Us 3 as the next Naughty Dog project, or of something completely unedited as a new intellectual property.

“When we begin to end the stories, creatively there are fewer and fewer responsibilities to consider and my mind can’t help but think about what can be done later,” said The Last of Us 2 director. meanwhile, the closest and closest news is there HBO series based on The Last of Us, a commitment that Druckmann is taking very seriously also because “it allows us to focus completely on the characters and the drama, to show other aspects of these things”.

Meanwhile, just today it emerged that the patch of day one of The Last of Us 2 should contain the Photo Mode, the concept art gallery and other additional news.

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