The Last of Us 2, the sound designer Jordan Denton passes to Obsidian –


The sound Designer of The Last of Us 2Jordan Denton recently abandoned Naughty Dog, one of Sony’s best developers. He did it to switch to the developer of Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment, a few months in the ranks of Microsoft. Here he will play the role of Audio Designer.

After the work of a video game is finished, it is typical that within a large studio like Naughty Dog there is a lot of turnover, with many goodbyes and as many hires. Jordan Denton’s case does enough noise because the associated Sound Designer went from an internal Sony studio to a Microsoft first party. And with the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X at the gates, it’s a rather unusual change of jacket.

In this difficult time for the world, I would like to share a few small ones good news. Today was my first day as an Audio Designer in Obsidian. I am excited to be part of the studio and the audio team!“wrote Denton on Twitter.

Both studios are based in the California in the south, one of the areas on the planet with the greatest concentration of video game developers: in this part there are also Bizzard, Infinity Wars, Sony Santa Monica and many others. At Obisidian, Denton will work on Grounded, the game that seems to be inspired by Tesoro, the boys have shrunk, and most likely in the sequel to The Outer World.

Naughty Dog, however, is about to publish The Last of Us 2. The review of the game will be online starting June 12, 2020.

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