The Last of Us 2, the latest video Inside The World diary shows the construction of the game world –


The Last of Us 2 it shows itself in a fourth and last video diary before the release on PS4, titled “Inside the World” and focused on building the game world, in all its various characteristics and in its extension and complexity.

Sony and Naughty Dog therefore want to emphasize the creation of the world post-apocalyptic in which the events of The Last of Us 2 take place, because this represents much more than a scenario, which may seem somewhat abused between video games, cinema and literature. The developers have already reported how the new chapter is characterized by the most complex story the team has ever told, but this complexity also passes through the structure of the world in which the protagonists move.

Although it appears largely uninhabited, due to the famous epidemic that destroyed a large part of the world’s population, thehumanity in The Last of Us 2 it somehow survived and even reorganized itself, although in a decidedly different form than before.

The new video diary therefore explains something about settings, on the factions present and on the possible threats that players can encounter by crossing the various locations that make up the path of The Last of Us 2, which, however, seems enlivened by artificial intelligence significantly improved compared to the first chapter, according to what was also reported by Digital Foundry .

After the TV commercial, we return therefore to the new video diary reported above, waiting at this point in the exit date of The Last of Us 2 on PS4, set for June 19, 2020.

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