The Last of Us 2, the differences with the first episode in our comparison video


The Last of Us 2 will boast several differences compared to first episode of the series developed by Naughty Dog: we wanted to underline them in our new one video comparison.

As you can see, the graphics of the sequel is much more sophisticated, not surprisingly it is a project designed specifically to make the most of the capabilities of PS4. We also talked about this aspect of the game in the last try of The Last of Us Part II.

The inevitable limitations of the first chapter, born on PS3, have been smoothed at the landing on the current Sony flagship with The Last of Us Remastered: a job far from difficult, considering the excellent quality of the original materials.

The different sequences you find in video they put specific situations side by side, such as horseback riding sessions, fights and the work table on which the characters place their weapons before modifying them.

For further information we will have to do is wait for theExit of The Last of Us 2, set for June 19. The review of the game will arrive on June 12 at 9.00 am, as already reported.

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