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Naughty Dog gave a first name just to every enemy in The Last of Us 2. A rather unusual choice, but which has served on one hand to increase the realism of the game world and on the other to increase the player’s identification. In this awaited video game, in fact, you will not fight against anonymous characters, but opponents with a greater human depth.

During the last State of Play dedicated to The Last of Us 2 we were amazed at the fact that each enemy was called by name by his companions, often in a desperate way, especially after being killed by Ellie. It’s about a narrative choice very precise by the Neil Druckman team, made to increase the realism of the game universe and empathize players.

Despite looking for revenge, in fact, Ellie is not a soulless war machine, quite the contrary. And in the universe of The Last of Us Part II most people are neither good nor bad, they are only men and women who do everything to to survive. For this reason, every kill must not be taken lightly, it must have a weight. To do this, Naughty Dog has decided to give each of the non-player characters (NPC) their own name and personal lines of dialogue, so as to make it unique in its own way. A narrative device similar to that used with dogs: the fact that they whine in excruciating way when hit was not made for sadism, but to trigger emotions and in the players.

It will suffice to quench our thirst for vengeance? We will only know shortly: the embargo of The Last of Us 2 is about to expire and from that moment on we will be able to talk freely about the latest effort of Naughty Dog. Stay with us.

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