The Last of Us 2, Naughty Dog also takes a stand on the clashes in the USA –


Also Naughty Dog has taken a position with respect to the clashes that are happening in these hours in USA, when the awaited launch of The Last of Us 2.

“This is not the time to remain silent. For too long, too many people have suffered from a problem systematic of America, “reads the message from the development team of The Last of Us 2, presented with a gameplay video during the latest State of Play.

“Too many have lost sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. We express our solidarity against racism and injustice. Now is the time for all of us to do our part and end racism against people of color and to violence. ”

“Many of us at Naughty Dog are making donations to national and local organizations. Please consider doing the same.”

“We hope to see the beginning of a real change for black people in America.”

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