The Last of Us 2, Naughty Dog accused of plagiarism for the song used in the last spot –


The Last of Us 2 is the protagonist of a truly touching advertising spot, which is accompanied by a particular acoustic cover of True Faith by New Order, much softer and slower than the original, so as to seem a song different, but the problem is that apparently this cover already exists and the author pointed out the obvious similarities to Naughty Dog, so as to make one think of a plagiarism.

To be sure, the issue is difficult to define and probably shields the team from any claim: that of Lotte Kestner, the protagonist musician of the grievance, is in fact already one cover of the original of the New Order, therefore it is probable that another cover, albeit decidedly very similar (not to say the same), such as the one used in the commercial of The Last of Us 2, then also shown in full version, can be used without owe nothing to the initial author of the cover in question.

It is therefore probable that they are not there legal issues out of the way, once the rights have been paid to the original authors, i New Order, but certainly it would be desirable for Naughty Dog to recognize Kestner’s merits anyway. The song sung by Ellie in the trailer is indeed the same as the musician in question: the original True Faith it is in fact a typical 80s pop song, complete with electronic percussion, synthesizer and very fast rhythm, completely distorted in the cover of Kestner, which has made it basically a sort of ballad for acoustic guitar.

It’s just the same song in the trailer, as you can judge by listening to both versions on this page, especially since, as reported by Kestner, the version of The Last of Us 2 also contains some new vocalisms which were added by the singer and are not present in the original.

We therefore look forward to any statements from Naughty Dog or Neil Druckmann, although the issue is likely to be limited to a formal acknowledgment of the cover author.

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