The Last of Us 2 has a lot of cut content, according to Halley Gross –


The Last of Us 2 has many cut content. To say it is not just any passerby, but Halley Gross, one of the screenwriters of the game, famous as the author of the first series of Westworld, the beautiful one. The revelation came on the occasion of an interview with Sector, in which we talked about the history of the game and how it changed during the making.

The Last of Us 2 was Gross’s first video game, which focused on the history on the circle of violence and redemption that you should have read everywhere by now, which sees the characters making very tough decisions with dramatic consequences.

According to Gross, the hardest part of the development has been cutting content. According to his words there are many who have not been included in the game, because they clashed with the story or with his own themes. If you have a minimum of experience with these things you shouldn’t be surprised, because hardly everything that is made ends up in the final versions of the games and often the design is subject to changes in the race.

Unfortunately Gross did not tell anything specific about the cut content, so we don’t know what it is. The only certainty is that The Last of Us 2 will be released on June 19 exclusively for PS4. If you want more information, read our review of The Last of Us 2.

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