The Last of Us 2, Ellie protagonist of the keyvei cosplay –


The month of June 2020 will probably be remembered for the arrival of The Last of Us 2 on PlayStation 4: the latest Sony exclusive continues to be talked about (not always in a positive way, see the review bombing controversy) and it is normal that it also attracts the attention of the world of cosplay. In fact, today 23 June 2020 we return to offer you a new one Ellie.

The artist in question is the cosplayer keyvei, who in the past has also dealt with works dedicated to other video games; in the last few hours, of course, her Ellie cosplay is getting considerable feedback, both for the goodness with which it was made, and because The Last of Us 2 is precisely one of the titles of the moment. In addition to the protagonist, the photo in question also shows his inseparable guitar; on Instagram this cosplay currently stands at 1100 likes, and no one can deny that it was made with care.

here you are the image from Ellie’s latest cosplay and The Last of Us 2? You like it? You do not like? Would you like to kill us because we continue to show you the cosplay among dozens of other articles? Be that as it may, the important thing is that you let us know by commenting on this article. But not before taking a look at the many other costumes that we have shown you in the last few days, all themed videogames:

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