The Last of Us 2, discovering the main cast


The Last of Us 2 boasts a stellar cast that lends itself, voice and performance, to the latest effort of Naughty Dog: let’s see a little closer the main actors

A day after the long awaited review of The Last of Us 2, increases the curiosity about the game and the impact it will have on editors around the world. Naughty Dog has repeatedly said that this is the largest and most ambitious project I have ever worked on, a concept also expressed in our preview from which the value of such a large production began to emerge. Ellie’s last trip, or perhaps not considering Neil Druckmann’s words on a possible The Last of Us 3, looks very dense, destined to be talked about more than she has done so far. While waiting to read the review and then personally evaluate the work done by the development team, we brush up on that cast stellar which, moreover, is the beating heart of The Last of Us 2: without these actors, the game would not be what it is. In this article we will consider only the main characters and others possibly already shown over time, avoiding to mention their role in the plot and leaving aside for reasons of spoiler the rest of them.

Ellie – Ashley Johnson

A protagonist who needs no introduction, Ashley Johnson resumes the role of Ellie after playing her in the original The Last of Us and in the DLC Left Behind. Known for playing the role of Crissy Seaver in the sit-com Parents in Blue Jeans, Ashley also voiced several video and non-gaming characters, such as Terra in the Teen Titans TV series, Teen Titans Go! and in the Teen Titans video game. If you have a good eye – and a good memory – you will also remember her for the role of Mary Beth Caldwell in the film The Help and that of the maid Beth in The Avengers. These are just a few quotes from a rather rich film and television career.

Joel – Troy Baker

Little is known about Joel’s role in The Last of Us 2 as there are no secrets to it Troy Baker, which lends him body and voice: cinema and TV are not his bread, having little to his credit, but if you scroll down the list of games he has worked as a voice actor (and, more rarely, also from the side of motion capture ) there is to be impressed. Think of a game, especially triple A, and you will almost certainly find its hand. From Delsin of Infamous: Second Son, to Sam Drake in Uncharted 4, Higgs Monaghan in Death Stranding, Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite and again Jake Muller in Resident Evil 6, James Sunderland in Silent Hill HD Collection up to Bruce Banner in the next Marvel’s Avengers, his presence is a guarantee.

Joel Troy Baker

Tommy – Jeffrey Pierce

Tommy played an important role in the first game and, from what little we know of The Last of Us 2, he helped turn Jackson into a real safe town – a small paradise in a post apocalyptic world. It is interpreted by Jeffrey Pierce, famous for playing Trevor Dobbs in the Amazon web series Bosch. He also held several roles in television and film, while as regards video games he lent the voice to some characters of Call of Duty: WWII.

Tommy Jeffrey Pierce

Dina – Shannon Woodward

We saw Dina in some trailers, from which her possible relationship with Ellie (or at least a mutual interest) emerged. Her role seems to be central in The Last of Us 2 and some have speculated that Ellie’s feeling of revenge depends on Dina, or rather what someone might have done to her. To interpret it is Shannon Woodward, Elsie Hughes in the Westworld TV series and Sabrina Collins in Help Me Hope! These are just some of the roles covered between cinema and TV but they are the best known.

Dina Shannon Woodward

Jesse – Stephen A. Chang

Another survivor from the Jackson community, Jesse appears to have had an affair with Dina and is part of the settlement security patrol units with her, Ellie, Joel and Tommy. We still don’t know if and what role it will play in the narrative. To interpret it is Stephen A. Chang, known for the television series Shameless, Artificial and Captain Marvel. The Last of Us 2 is the first work in the videogame field.

Jesse Stephen Chang

Abby – Laura Bailey

Thick and equally unknown character within the game, we only saw Abby’s scene in which some cultists try to hang her from a tree and are interrupted by another couple of characters. The trailer, which for the first time highlighted the violence inherent in The Last of Us 2, closed with Abby free and ready to face, armed only with a hammer, the infected in rapid approach. We do not know anything else about her but considering that to lend her voice we have a voice actress with all the trappings like Laura Bailey – formerly Mary Jane Watson in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Kira Carsen in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Catherine in Catherine and Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4 – there is no doubt that her role will be prominent in the story.

Abby Laura Bailey

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