The Last of Us 2: are we really enjoying it?


Now that the embargo for previews of The Last of Us 2 has officially expired, we are finally free to express our very first impressions on the highly anticipated sequel Naughty Dog. A title that for many players, we are absolutely convinced of it, will represent a splendid swan song of PS4.

Now, if you want to know in detail every information regarding the playable part of which it was possible to talk in the previews, my advice is to launch immediately on the tried of The Last of Us 2 for PS4 signed by Francesco and on the related video preview that you can find also on our YouTube channel. But if that long study is not enough to satisfy your hunger for The Last of Us 2, here is the additional content that you find at the head of this news.

Not happy and satisfied to have told you about our first impressions in detail, Francesco and I have chosen to launch ourselves in this second video content to chat in total freedom and without any risk of spoilers, of our most visceral and emotional impressions relating to the first hours of the game of exclusivity, never clearly moving away from the boundaries imposed by Sony for this first contact.

The result was a very long, very relaxing and particularly multifaceted debate, where Francesco and I ranged from a colder and more rational description of the section played by now free from the embargo, to a warmer and more emotional analysis related to the visual and psychological violence seen and lived in The Last of Us 2, not neglecting an explanation of the perfect mix of its gameplay able to move, seamlessly, from the exploratory phases to the action ones, naturally incorporating the most stealth drifts.

And then, of course, we couldn’t help but launch into a long discussion about the graphic component of this incredible technological jewel capable of hitting even the most skilled player with a violent slap.

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But all this is only a hint of what has been touched and examined in our chat which, again, I invite you to see and listen before launching yourself below the comments to let us know if this exchange of jokes was to your liking and above all to have us made it known, for the umpteenth time, how much you are waiting for this impressive exclusive.

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