The Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 are black holes, not examples that others can follow –


For many titles such as The Last of Us 2 is Cyberpunk 2077 (but also Red Dead Redemption 2, just to mention another name) are examples that other publishers should also follow. Ideally it is difficult to blame such a position, since we are talking about two qualitatively superlative video games (one still only on paper). The problem is that they are also black holes, that is, if you try to reach them you will almost certainly end up being destroyed.

To understand what we mean, just look at what happened with another game black hole: The Witcher 3. When it came out everyone started to hope that he was taken as a model and that competitors would come out who could stand up to him. The critics adored him, the public even to the point that he still sells well today, holding the CD Projekt balance sheets almost by himself. After such a success, many expected others to line up and try to do it competition. After all, it has always happened in the world of video games: does Doom come out and is it an extraordinary success? In the following months / years dozens of clones arrive and maybe, between one crap and another, a Duke Nukem 3D or the Unreal of the situation comes out; Does Super Mario Bros. sell millions and millions of copies? Here in the following years, platformers come out in torrents. Is Pac-Man successful? Someone will certainly also buy Luck Man or Suck Man.

However, nothing similar happened with The Witcher 3. After five years, CD Projekt Red’s third-person action role-playing game remains almost unique for the entire generation that is going down. Nobody has produced anything like this and who could have done it, like EA with Bioware, looked good. The only one who has really tried to and CD Projekt Red itself with Cyberpunk 2077, which will be released five years after the last adventure of Geralt of Rivia. How come this stasis?

The reason explained it well Shawn Layden, ex-president of PlayStation, who spoke a few days ago of triple A collapsing due to the exponential growth in production costs. Titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us 2 cost hundreds of millions of euros and require large teams to be developed. Simply for a smaller team or even equivalent, but with a less wealthy publisher (or disinterested in certain economic models) behind, it is not possible to reach that production level and unfortunately the individual talent is not enough to compensate for the less resources available. The Last of Us 2 you do it only if you find yourself in the conditions of Naughty Dog, that is if you are Naughty Dog. Ditto Cyberpunk 2077. For other teams, doing something like this would amount to suicide.

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