The Last of Us 2, a shop appears to have been flooded with returns –


According to a photo that is circulating on social networks, a shop would have been submerged to such an extent by returns of The Last of Us 2, to have them blocked. Basically it seems that many are bringing back their copies to resell them.

There photo shows a display full of packs of The Last of Us 2, with a sign attached that says: “Dear customers, in light of recent events we have had to change some things. We will temporarily suspend game trade-in until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The image leaves many doubts on what is claimed by the detractors of the game, according to which many would buy The Last of Us 2 and, feeling loathed for its contents, would bring it back, forcing the stores to implement such policies.

The first doubt concerns the fact that so far only this photo has emerged to plead the thesis of the anti The Last of Us 2. It is possible that disappointed users have concentrated in a single store, while in the rest of the world there are no traces of this situation ?

In addition, the sign is placed in a really strange way. Why put it on an exhibitor and not in a showcase, since the blocking of returns seems to be a general measure?

Finally, it seems that the chain of stores photographed has exhibited similar signs on other occasions. For example after the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, therefore the provision would not specifically concern the game of Naughty Dog.

If we want, therefore, more than the sign of the game’s failure, it is that of yet another attack of a certain alignment on the work of Druckmann and associates.

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