“The last extension is about to expire and we know nothing”


It had already happened for the acts signed in the last three years: months of delay and silence from the Capitoline administration, emails and failed calls, protests and complaints to obtain even small bureaucratic progress. It is also happening for the final signing: this morning the members of the cooperative Inventarehabitare, winner of the call for self-recovery which should transform an ex school in via dei Lauri 15, in Centocelle, into 23 apartments for families with low incomes , have returned to protest under the windows of the Heritage and Housing Policies department to ask for a meeting with Councilor Valentina Vivarelli.

“The final act is missing, the signature before the notary of all the parties involved to finally activate the mortgage, to be paid by the members of the cooperative, necessary to start the work inside the individual apartments”, explains the president of the cooperative, Bruno Papale. “The six-month extension requested by the department manager at the bank is about to expire and we don’t know what will happen. In this way all the money spent by the members for the expertise will be lost and, above all, it prevents you from carrying out a self-recovery project which should, on the contrary, be a source of pride for the city “.

The story could resemble a story of the absurd and instead each of these passages is documented by a series of acts signed by city officials. After years of delays on the roadmap (the announcement dates back to 2002 and the houses should have been delivered in 2008), on 9 March 2018 the Public Works department signs the communication of delivery of the municipal property to the cooperative. “Provisional” assignment pending bank loan grant. “Homeless for a signature”, said a protest banner hanging on the facade of the uninhabited building. Once the signature was obtained, it seemed done.

Instead “thirteen months later we discover that the property was not insured by the Municipality. And without insurance, the bank would not have given the green light, “explains Papale. No problem. Members would have paid for the insurance. But to take out insurance on a property owned by the Municipality, a registered letter was needed to certify the absence of another active policy. Months of waiting and a protest were also needed to obtain this document that arrives on April 11, 2019. “Now we can go to Banca Etica and apply for a mortgage to be able to start the work,” explained Papale on that occasion. The process seemed finally ready to come to an end also because, Banca Etica, had given its go-ahead.

After this step, two other managerial decisions were needed: the mortgage on the property and an acknowledgment of the offices of the economic estimate for the works, which in the meantime had risen, equal to about 23 thousand euros per apartment. “We have presented all the necessary documentation but we have not yet managed to obtain it,” Papale denounced in December 2019, always during a protest. These determinations arrive in January 2020.

“At this point yet another surprise. From the offices of the Heritage Department, we are informed that they have a doubt: perhaps the provision must go over to the City Council, which has never happened to the previous 6 self-recovery projects “. There was not much time: the documents had to be submitted to the bank by January 22, 2020. On January 21, 2020, the director of the Heritage and Housing Policies department sent the bank a request for “extension of the terms for taking out the loan”. The request, reads the document, was sent to “allow the administration to complete the deeds of competence”. Then nothing more.

Video – The history of the via dei Lauri self-recovery project

“Once the emergency was over, I immediately activated Pec and made phone calls without receiving any response. The extension expires on July 21 and we still don’t know what the department is going to do. The cooperative was clear, it was never necessary to move to the city council, but if this makes them feel more secure, we have not opposed it. In February, a Pec was sent to us in which they assured us that the political party would carry out all their skills in a very short time “. This is how the garrison started this morning which ended with the promise of a meeting for next Friday at 12 noon with Councilor Vivarelli and the department manager.

That of via dei Lauri, finally recall from the cooperative Inventare l’Abitare, “is not the only project that risks going down the drain: in via di Grottaperfetta 315, another building, for which the cooperative had won the tender and signed the agreements with the Municipality have been abandoned for years, reduced to a skeleton of rusty scaffolding. The former Councilor Gatta, the first time he heard of it, fabled that he would have made it an all-wood structure with cutting-edge techniques, assuring us that he would have put € 3 million in the budget for this work and nothing more was known.

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The cooperative explains that it is ready to move “in all locations, including judicial ones, because it can no longer bear this slovenly and indifference with which it deals with the rights of people who have waited for years to finally be able to start work on their home”. Next Friday the meeting will be accompanied by a new garrison.

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