The judicial case of the Capua virologist and the analogies with the cases of “alleged mistreatment” at school


Impressive! No other adjective fits better in describing the analogies between the cases of the teachers accused of alleged abuse at school (PMS) and the judicial affair of Ilaria Capua, an internationally renowned Italian virologist, who has been definitively stolen from the usual United States of America . But let’s go in order.

I recommend first of all to see Giovanni Minoli’s interview in the Mixer broadcast because readers will hardly believe the facts that I limit myself to reporting.


Ilaria Capua, virologist of renowned world renown, was elected in Parliament with Mario Monti’s Civic Choice in 2013 but, since 2006 without her knowledge, was subjected to interception for very serious offenses such as: extortion, corruption, abuse of office, false accounting, epidemic procured, ideological falsification, criminal association, counterfeit seals and so on. Jail is almost certain, perhaps life imprisonment or death penalty if you were in the United States, concludes the doctor, who was so afraid of these absurd accusations.

He says he received solidarity only on a personal but not institutional basis or from individual politicians. The international scientific community has shown solidarity, but the Italian one has turned its head the other way. “If you are under investigation, accused by the judiciary, you are plagued, radioactive, contagious and you are even ashamed of existing because for newspapers you are guilty until proven otherwise” says the virologist with disdain and bitterness. After hearing the committee, the doctor was vehemently attacked by some deputies until she was made to cry for the humiliation she suffered while, in the courtroom, she was immediately voted in favor of his resignation going against the usual practice.

On wiretapping and their indiscriminate use (“Even with my family, husband, father …”) Capua wants to be even more direct: “A virologist talks about viruses using his jargon and when he says that this is a virus that burns, he does not mean that he wants to trigger an epidemic”. About the transcription of the interceptions, you reach peaks of unequaled indecency because – says the virologist – it was done copy and paste even at different times, confusing one virus with another but that have nothing to do with each other. All by the usual investigators Non-staff-to-work that is to say “People who listened but did not understand why completely without the scientific basis necessary to understand such a complex subject”.

Can not miss the “Dramatization and interpretation of transcriptions” for which the investigators – adds the doctor – came to transform by magic a number (444 in this case) from simple “cost center” in “Secret society”.

What the doctor can’t explain – and we confirm her amazement – is that the wiretaps are from 2006 and the article with the accusations from 2014. “Possible that – concludes Capua – investigators wait 8 years to intervene when the accusation has caused an epidemic with the risk of killing thousands of people? It’s really all surreal: they were playing with my life because I could have done extreme gestures “.

Ilaria (before her numerous titles comes the name) today reveals that she is attending a psychotherapist in the same way – she says – of a rape victim because she felt stripped, naked, helpless in the face of violence. He resolutely affirms that in such circumstances there is the risk of carrying out extreme gestures, what we doctors, with some modesty call “Anti-conservative gestures”. After ten years, Ilaria was acquitted because the fact does not exist and the sad story can only culminate with the denunciation of the instrumental use of justice and the press. The lawsuit against the journalist and its director, as well as the request for compensation for the damages suffered, are the inevitable epilogue of a bitter affair.

Mine is a dramatic case, but I hope it serves some purpose – the virologist concludes – I’m however, I became a better person inside because I learned to question myself. Things have a completely different perspective when you risk going to prison or life imprisonment. The vicissitudes of life slip on you and you have to keep the tiller straight and find the strength in yourself to get up on your feet. However, you remain the architects of your destiny because the battle is yours! ”.

I wrote the book – concludes Ilaria Capua – for a sense of civil responsibility and because the judiciary, when dealing with similar subjects, does so with good reason and not with non-professional investigators who confuse the viruses with each other “.

Analogies with cases of alleged abuse at school (PMS)

But what do the Italian teachers accused of PMS have in common with the virologist protagonist of this story of malice? We take the analogies.

  1. The investigation begins with the usual interceptions without the knowledge of the suspect.
  2. From the interceptions, sequences reorganized in trailers are extrapolated, for the use and consumption of investigators who operate an uncontrolled “cut and sew” activity.
  3. The investigators are perfect Non-staff-to-work, totally unaware of the matter concerning the investigations, which transcribe the interceptions by interpreting and dramatizing them, finally making use of too many “copy and paste”.
  4. The intervention in slow motion of justice that intervenes after months or years, holding you hostage even when serious and defamatory crimes are assumed against you.
  5. The media pillory, institutional hiding, the exclusion of equals from society
  6. The shame suffered, the verbal violence suffered, the fury of the jackals who used to rage on those who lost all their strength to fight and resist injustice.
  7. The desire to disappear forever until we hope to die to end injustice.

There are probably still many parallels between the story of the virologist and those of the teachers. We hope that for the teachers there will be the analogous epilogue of the judicial adventure with afull acquittal because the fact does not exist. However, this can only happen by fighting for many years, suffering, despairing, crying but never giving up. Especially without resorting to alternative rites (plea bargain is rite statements) and facing head on the process ordinary which, most of all, guarantees the possibility of seeing one’s innocence recognized after very long years. A judicial experience of this type indelibly marks and transforms a person – Ilaria Capua reminds us – who can however be reborn stronger in the face of life’s trials.

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