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One or the other, Lautaro or Neymar: both declared objectives of the Barcelona, both difficult to reach. The Brazilian is almost impossible, the Argentine is very complicated. Yet from Catologna they insist, convinced that they both want to wear the Blaugrana shirt, Holy Grail of world football. And when the one fades into the background, the other moves forward in the spotlight: in fact, the news that arrives today from the Mundo Deportivo according to which Neymar would have already confided to the companions of the PSG to want to end the Champions League in August in the best way then return to Barcelona. Punctual because, coincidentally, on the Lautaro front the situation is no longer painted in light colors like a few days ago. Or rather, why the firmness of Inter (the attacker is not for sale and can leave Milan only if the termination clause of 111 million is paid) is taken as such and not as a mere facade position.

And then, it was said, here is Neymar, regret leaving Barcelona and ready for fake cards just to be able to go “home”. But if 111 million are needed for Lautaro (and the Blaugrana coffers are not able to cope with the outlay at the moment) it takes even more for the Brazilian and the exchange cards put on the table (more or less the same proposals at Inter) do not even convince the Parisians. Of course, if we want, there is a difference, however: so far Lautaro has never officially or unofficially exposed himself (the messages sent via social networks in the last few days are indeed of a completely different nature) while Neymar has never hidden his Catalan nostalgia. In short, one or the other and perhaps, in the end, neither: for once, even Barcelona can find itself vulnerable.

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