the inmates sawed through the bars


A rope made at its best, with knotted fire hoses. The bars of the cell are sawn with a file and barbed wire cut into pieces with a wire cutter. Then, another escape from the movies, from the prison of Rebibbia. In an atmosphere of general inattention, with the alarm going off late and no sentry to monitor the surrounding wall. A script already seen too many times, inside the Roman penitentiary where in recent years escapes have followed one more sensational than the other. Yesterday, it was the turn of two ethnic Roma detainees, accused of crimes against property and against the public administration, from receiving stolen goods to fraud. They were supposed to remain in prison until 2029. These are Lil Ahmetovic, 46, Croatian, and Davad Zukanovic, 40, from Olbia. They studied the plan for days and on Monday evening they finalized the final details to try to save themselves nine years in prison. Late at night, taking advantage of the gaps in the surveillance system and the shortage of staff, they ripped the bars and lowered the rope that held them both as they climbed the boundary wall undisturbed. The SC agents have already carried out the surveys and have cataloged all the objects found in the cells of the escapees and also those abandoned during the path that leads to the countryside around Via di Rebibbia. Ahmetovic and Zukanovic have a low criminal profile: to lead them to jail, in addition to a long list of precedents, also the attempt to pretend to be public officials, complete with a fake badge.

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Rebibbia, two prisoners who escaped by rappelling: searches in Roma camps, stations and airports

The most serious thing is that the alarm would have been given many hours later: in the late morning of yesterday, police, carabinieri and financial guards patrols were reported in the area. And so the two had time to hide. Probably someone was waiting for them outside and helped them to lose their tracks. And now investigators are looking for them everywhere. Roma camps, stations, airports and borders with foreign countries are under special surveillance. The photograph of the two fugitives has been sent to all law enforcement agencies, while the Rome prosecutor has opened a file on the matter and has already ordered the acquisition of the videos of the surveillance cameras, which have immortalized anomalous movements around three o’clock. night.

The news of the escape were the unions of the prison police, a body exhausted by the Covid emergency within the prison environment and which had to face violent protests from detainees in these months of health crisis. Sappe denounced the security deficiencies of the district house, underlining that the wanted would have been “favored by the probable failure of the anti-climbing system and by the fact that there are no sentries of the Penitentiary Police on the surrounding wall”. Alarms that don’t work and staff under staff. A mix that would make it impossible to guarantee optimal supervision of the institute, while the agents say they are exhausted and forced to work grueling shifts. While Gennarino De Fazio, of Uilpa, points his finger at the “state of abandonment inside the prisons”, with the prisoners who, “if they decide, leave independently without even the scrutiny of a judge. The Department of Prison Administration is a ship that embarks water in calm seas and is absolutely unable to cope with the storms that cyclically affect it. ”

After the news spread, political reactions also came. The toughest reaction was that of the former Interior Minister: «Two prisoners would have escaped from Rebibbia, they are two nomads. But surely Bonafede knows nothing and it is not his fault, it is Santa’s fault », said the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini.


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