the infinite odyssey of migrants driven from Tiburtina Station


Hunted several times in the last few days from Piazzale Spadolini, near the Tiburtina station, migrants forced to sleep on the street had found refuge in an abandoned building in Tiburtino III. Yesterday they were also cleared from there: newly identified, and thrown back on the street, all within a few days. Where they should go, it is not known. Institutions are not looking after them. Ignored all the time during‘Coronavirus emergency, now they return to being natural persons, but only for the time of the eviction. Most of these people are migrants, refugees, asylum seekers. Abandoned by the state, they do not have the means to support themselves. The jobs they do are not enough to pay even a room, and many of those who were employed lost it during the coronavirus emergency.

And just during the coronavirus emergency, activists from Baobab Experience they asked the Municipality of Rome to take measures for homeless people, including migrants and transients. Especially for families with children who need urgent accommodation. The Capitoline administration never replied, in the end with a collection were found accommodations in b & b.

“Sleeping on the street is never a choice,” repeated the Baobab Experience association, which until a few days ago had a permanent presence in Piazza Spadolini. Now, the volunteers have opened a office in San Lorenzo. But if this can provide legal, psychological support, health care and meals to eat during the day, it cannot solve the housing emergency on its own. The institutions do not seem to want to provide answers in this sense and the drama of the dozens of people piled up sleeping outside at Tiburtina Station has so far been faced as a problem of ‘decorum’, and not a social emergency that needs answers and concrete interventions.

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