The indiscretion shakes Buckingham Palace: “After the pandemic Queen Elizabeth will abdicate”


There pandemic made everyone’s future more uncertain. By definition, tomorrow is always unknown, but the presence of the coronavirus among us has heavily influenced this insecurity. Apparently the Covid-19 is particularly aggressive towards older people (but the guard should never be lowered anyway). This age group at risk also includes Queen Elizabeth and Prince Consort Philip, 94 and 99 years old respectively. Both reached a remarkable existential milestone, spent decades not always easy together, fought family wars with no holds barred, but perhaps neither of them imagined having to face a pandemic.

His Majesty has never pulled back in the face of adversity and criticism that inevitably try to block the path of every man who crosses this world. Perhaps, however, the challenge represented by coronavirus it could be the last for Queen Elizabeth. At least that’s what the journalist and real expert Andrew Morton claims, which we know above all for his biography on Lady Diana, “Diana: her true story in her own words” (translated into Italian with the title “Diana. The real story in the his words “(1992). Morton’s words would leave no room for interpretation. The biographer, in fact, seems certain that the sovereign will not be able to regain her power after the pandemic. “It’s brutal reality,” he told the Telegraph, adding: “It seems that coronavirus will not disappear soon and will remain in circulation for months, perhaps years. So I don’t see how the sovereign can start doing her job again “.

Regarding the official commitments that Queen Elizabeth has always respected with a great sense of duty, Andrew Morton commented: “It would be too risky for her life and for that of her husband, Prince Philip. Covid has done more damage to Cromwell’s monarchy: it’s sad but I think Elizabeth’s reign is actually over. “ Claims that would be contradicted by reality. We saw the monarch urge the subjects to have courage and hope in his speech on April 5, 2020. We again admired her in the first official video call on Zoom or on horseback on the Windsor estate. Always impeccable, strong and healthy in appearance. An insider even revealed to tabloids that Queen Elizabeth “He continues to perform many tasks and wants to return to normal as soon as possible”.

The photos and videos released by the Royal Palace would show us an Elizabeth ready to start again, certainly not to throw in the towel. It is as if His Majesty was just waiting for the right moment to give just a little fix to the crown that has never been removed from the head. Andrew Morton, on the other hand, would be of a completely different opinion and explained: “The coronavirus actually pushed Charles to the throne. What monarch will it be? The most prepared that the kingdom has ever had “ . Then he said: “The vision of the subjects towards him has changed. Today he can joke and work a lot. He is certainly a better person. “ True, time has been friends with Prince Charles, providing him with theoretical and practical knowledge about the government of the kingdom and even the primacy of heir to the longest-lived throne (on this point perhaps the weather has not been so friendly, it depends on your point of view).

The heir to the throne has all the cards to be a good one king and there is no reason to doubt that it will be in a more or less distant future (impossible to say how far). However, to remain impartial, we should always keep in mind that knowing how to exercise power and actually exercise it are two elements that do not always match. Andrew Morton’s opinion is clear, even “tranchant”, but Queen Elizabeth has accustomed us to surprises resulting from the tenacity gained in 68 years of reign. Restarting has been difficult for each of us, especially since we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. On the horizon, however, there are not only clouds. There is the concrete possibility of a vaccine, for example, or a “softening” of the virus that could adapt to us and, therefore, ensure life without giving us too much trouble.

We cannot, therefore, exclude that Queen Elizabeth will return to her daily life as we are doing, strengthened by an uneventful but realistic optimism and perseverance that pushes for a new step forward, no matter how small. maybe His Majesty he will have to wait a little longer before resuming his commitments, but adopting all the necessary security measures, nothing is impossible. Only time will tell if Queen Elizabeth can live up to the oath taken before her people on that distant June 2, 1953.

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